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Fly-In Bid Quotation

To:  Whom it may concern:

Date:  2021

Re:  Operation S.A.F.E. Clinic - Fly-In Quotation

 The fee for a 1-day workshop, will be - $3000/fly-in day (wet or dry – add $500 for both on same day) plus travel expenses – mileage, lodging, & meals. This includes all professional fees, expendables, and reserve equipment, as needed.

 Professional time spent in travel to this event will be invoiced at a flat rate of $1000/8 hour day.

 WRK suggests you schedule a maximum of ~ 10, 6-8 is even better especially if wanting to do both wet and dry, aircraft/day to give participants ample time to fully explore application variables. It is best not to schedule aircraft for a specific time, but just let it be first-come-first-serve.

 Travel may be a major component so many workshops are set up for the days anticipated with one extra date on the end as an alternate. We will invoice for only days actually used - if it turns out the alternate day isn’t needed.

 If we get weathered out once we arrive, WRK loses a day and the contracting group loses a day. WRK will split the loss and invoice at ½ the professional fee rate - $1200 plus expenses.

 We fully understand this is a lot of money, but the potential impact upon application accuracy should make this investment a minor input.

 WRK expects that the contractor and/or participating applicators will make all the local arrangements. Local arrangements with the airport, ample space for testing, a climate controlled- dust free office to work from, loading facilities, 3-4 laborers to help with field duties, local ground transportation, to/from lodging for WRK professionals, transportation for equipment on airport – could be a golf cart, Polaris Ranger, truck or .. , and any other local arrangements that would impact this workshop.

 WRK will analyze equipment patterns and serve as a technical analyst and advisor only – other aspects of the fly-in will be the responsibility of the contractor, participating operators, and pilots.

 Participation in this workshop is only to provide an accurate evaluation of how equipment will perform if operated in the field under similar conditions. This should provide participants with excellent knowledge of how to operate when making actual applications. One would expect very similar distributions under similar conditions, but that is not always the case, so there is no performance guarantee implied. There are so many variables involved that it is hard to predict them all.

 WRK plans to arrive by private aircraft or automobile and depart when finished – usually on the same day. It will take 30-45 minutes to get all the equipment set up once we arrive on site. We anticipate arrival on the day prior to this event. WRK would like to set up the office equipment that day and review the site layout in anticipation of an early start on the 1st day of the workshop.

 Three persons are needed on the flight line to collect data and 1 person to transfer data to/from the field – an ATV or motorcycle works great for this, if available. If those persons can be identified, a brief training session with them and WRK the afternoon/evening prior to the fly-in will make things run a lot smoother on the first day.

 WRK will provide certification paperwork for the NAAA S.A.F.E. and BASF rebate programs for those pilots and operators that meet the requirements.

 WRK could provide a 1-hour application technology educational component at the end of day 1, for a multiple day event, if we are overnighting and program is desired.


 WRK would like to set up the payment schedule as follows:

o Check for estimated travel expenses prior, (if requested), to our launch from Arkansas.

o Check for professional and equipment fees $3000 or $3500/fly-in date and $1000 professional fees in transit due and payable at the close of the event.

o Any differences in actual travel costs will be invoiced as appropriate upon WRK’s return to Arkansas.

o WRK will gladly invoice repeat customers at the completion of the event for all work – payable and due upon receipt of that invoice.

 Firm estimates for travel and/or an event at a given location will be provided upon request.

 If it appears that the weather is not going to be satisfactory, WRK would expect contractor to let us know prior to our launch to travel to the site. In the event of a cancellation for weather, we will reschedule ASAP when both party’s calendars will allow.

 Please let me know, in writing, by email, fax, or letter if this proposal is satisfactory. Please respond, confirm/reject, as soon as possible.

 Please call if I can help in any other way. We appreciate your business!



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